Single Serve – Premium Coffee


Enjoy premium coffee in a single serve cup (Kcup).
Available in 24 count, 48 count and 96 count.
Premium coffee includes the following:
-Bolivia Direct Trade – mild citrus flavor and a heavy sweet caramel note.
-El Salvador Direct Trade – hints of creamy orange, and cherries.
-Hatian Blue Mountain – creamy body and nutty almond flavor.
-Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend – a light bodied blend with a chocolate finish.
-Jamaica Blue Mountain Cuvee – a smooth buttery body.
-Jamaican Blue Mountain Estate – 100% pure with a smooth chocolate finish.
-Kona Coffee Blend – a smooth, rich body and nutty flavor.
-Kona Cuvee – notes of caramel and chocolate.
-Kona Volcanic Estate – slight chocolate with fruit undertones.

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