Liqueur Flavor Roasted Coffee

Black Velvet Cognac
Blizzard – eggnog, rum and cinnamon.
Bourbon Truffle
Bourbon Whiskey
Butter Rum
Mexican Liqueur – sweet French caramel, hazelnut. 
Cafe Parisian – Vanilla, orange and Mexican liqueur.
Calypso Cream – coconut and Jamaican rum.
Edelweiss – creamy pralines, roasted Swiss almonds, and Mexican liqueur.
Egg Nog Rum
Frangelica Cream – toasted wild hazelnut, vanilla, and cacao sweetened with sugar and cream with a splash of alcohol. 
Grand Marnier – sweet citrus and rich cognac.
Highlander Grogg – Scottish Brandy spice
Holiday Cheer – Jamaican rum, toasted almonds, vanilla & caramel.
Holiday Grogg – Scottish Grogg with roasted pecans and cinnamon. 
Jack Frost – Irish Cream, smooth milk chocolate & a dash of peppermint.
Jamaican Rum
Keoke – cognac brandy, Mexican liqueur, and Swiss chocolate
Mexican Liqueur & Cream
Rum Jazz – Jamaican rum and pecans
Rum Raisin
White Russian

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